Port Regulations

Port Regulations – Marina La Palma

In the interests of the marina and its users we ask that visitors kindly refrain from the following activities:

Cleaning or discharging bilges and using boat toilets/showers. The port management reserves the right to seal boat toilets of boats not observing this rule

  • Allowing pets to roam around unsupervised
  • Obstructing pontoons with (outboard) engines, bicycles, or auxiliary vessels etc.
  • Smoking at fuel dock
  • Swimming, jet skiing, diving, dinghy sailing or fishing in the port or access channels
  • Hanging out washing indiscreetly
  • Using the port for commercial activities without authorisation, e.g. fishing, sailing or motorboat charter
  • Mooring boats or parking vehicles in other than the designated areas
  • Keeping explosives on board, other than authorised flares
  • Lighting any type of fires or using lamps with a naked flame
  • Discarding rubbish or waste products overboard, whether pollutant or not
  • Indulging in activities on board which could inconvenience or bring harm to others
  • Keeping engines running longer than necessary whilst the boat is berthed
  • Effecting repairs in the marina facilities without authorisation
  • Using anchors within the port’s access channels
  • Showering on the pontoons, or on deck – please use the facilities provided
  • Leaving halyards unsecured so that they bang against the mast

Port officials reserve the right to refuse entry to any boat or person not seen to be complying with the above. Any person perceived to be responsible for polluting the port with hydrocarbons or toxic material will be prosecuted.

In the case of an emergency, or any other problem, especially at night, please inform a member of the surveillance team either in person or by calling on VHF Ch. 09/16