Yacht Facilities in Lanzarote

With hoisting facilities that include a giant 820-tonne travel lift, over 20,000m² of yard area, two deep keel pits and a range of specialist services, Calero Marinas offers the first refit and repair service of its kind in the Canaries. 

Ideally positioned en route from Europe to the Caribbean, Calero Marinas in Lanzarote are clearly the primary point of call for yachts requiring maintenance and repairs in the Canaries.

With a gentle and temperate year-round climate, protected from major weather systems, accessing the marinas is easy throughout the year. The scant annual rainfall presents a welcome advantage for completing painting or lengthy varnishing jobs.

The island’s strong maritime heritage and experienced yard team of labourers and specialists has produced an efficient and professional service, much appreciated by those with little time to spare before having to move on.

Both Marina Lanzarote and Puerto Calero have yards with significant hoisting capacities, space for hard standing and storage and a good range of reliable services.

Consult this section of the website for information on hoisting services and hard standing, technical services available in Lanzarote or solutions for superyachts, either via the form, directly by email or by telephone: +34 605 812289.