Berthing in Puerto Calero Marina, Lanzarote


The marina has 438 floating finger berths (for boats between 8m and 80m LOA) and is accessible at all tides (Access channel has a min. 7m draft). Each berth has access to water and electricity with free internet wifi access offered to all users.

In the case of an emergency or any other problemespecially at night, please inform a member of the dock staff either in person or by calling VHF Ch. 09/16. Tel: +34 646 479250.



Marina cards provide access to the showers which are reserved for berth-holders only. Should you lose your card, please ask for assistance in the Marina Office.

Marina Office

The Marina Office (Capitanía) is located on the top floor of the Edificio Antiguo Varadero, overlooking the large square and is open Mon-Sat 08:00-20:00 and 09:00 – 20:00 on Sundays. There you can book in, obtain wifi access and shower cards, borrow luggage trolleys, rent storage rooms and ask for information and assistance.  Tel: +34 928 511285 /



The marina has a self-service laundry (see marina plan) with coin-operated washing machines and tumble dryers.

Customs & Immigration


For vessels in transit needing customs assistance with importing parts into the Canaries and help with transport, contact: Sancargo SL Tel: +34 928 81 52 97 Should you need passports stamped having arrived in Lanzarote from outside Europe and leaving by plane, or travelling on a visa, etc. the Border Police office is located in Puerto Los Mármoles and open weekday mornings until 2pm. (Each passport holder needs to be present.)

Berthing Services


Each berth is supplied with water and electricity. The water is desalinated and fit for drinking. Depending on the module size, electricity access is provided via either single or three-phase 220v / 380v connections. Up to 200amp power can be drawn from the superyacht berths. If any assistance is needed connecting to power (adaptors, plugs, etc) please contact the marina office.

  • For visitors who require additional access means to their boats, we can provide boarding steps upon request.
  • If you would like more information about guardianage services (staff to wash and maintain your boat while you are away), please ask in the boatyard.

Post & Package Receipt


Post can be received in the marina office. Please try to advise staff however if large parcels are expected and try to sort out any customs charges in advance since it is difficult to accept parcels if unexpected payments are required.

The address for delivering post is as follows:

[Your name] [Boat name] Puerto Calero
Oficina de Capitanía
Edif. Antiguo Varadero, 2ª pl.
35571 Puerto Calero – Yaiza
Lanzarote – Las Palmas

Office phone number: +34 928 511285

Marina code of conduct

In the interests of maintaining a safe and comfortable haven for all visitors and resident berth-holders, a summary of the basic norms in the marina has been included in this information on berthing services and is set out below.

This is a marina within a Biosphere Reserve and has been awarded the Blue Flag. We kindly ask visitors to show consideration to other users and the local environment, observing the guidelines below:

  • Be aware of the location of nearby marina safety and response equipment: fire extinguishers, escape ladders, defibrillator, life rings and oil-spill absorbent material)
  • Avoid allowing waste or contaminants of any type to enter the water.
  • Dispose of rubbish and hazardous waste using the services provided.
  • Take care not to cause a disturbance to others (loud music, engines left on, banging halyards, etc.)
  • Help us by reporting any accidents, water leaks, structural disrepair or oily residues in the water.
  • Avoid obstructing pontoons with outboards, bicycles, or auxiliary vessels, etc.
  • Respect other boaters by keeping the pontoon doors closed.

Please read through the Marina regulations and Environmental code of conduct