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Bus Travel

The local buses (or “guaguas”) are a good way to get around the island. For a full list of bus routes and timetables, visit:

Car Hire

CICar offer a service delivering cars to Marina La Palma. Please ask in the Marina Office for prices and reservations.


The taxi rank is found a short distance from the marina (see town plan). If you wish to reserve a taxi for transport from the marina, please call the Marina Office for assistance.

Bike Hire

An excellent way to get some decent exercise, biking in La Palma is a great way to see the island. There is a bike rental shop just next to the marina.

Travel between the Canaries Islands

There are three local airlines operating daily flights to and from the island: Binter Canarias; Canary Fly, and Air Europa. If you prefer to travel by sea then the Canary Islands is serviced by Fred Olsen and Naviera Armas.


Health Services

  • Emergency services: Tel. 112
  • MARINA – VHF Ch. 09 

Hospitals and Health Centres

  • The La Palma General Hospital is 10km distance away; about 15 minutes drive. Tel: +34 922 18500.
  • For private medical services, the Centro Médico Tinabana (Tel: +34 922 410202) is close to the marina


Govantes Clinic offers physiotherapy and osteoropathy service in the town with opening hours: from 9am – 3pm / 4.30pm – 8.30pm, Monday to Friday. Tel: +34 922 410425


  • Óptica Feliciano: C/ Anselmo Pérez de Brito, 7, S/C de La Palma, Tel: +34 922 412413
  • Centro Óptico Luis: C/ Castillete, N º 4, S/C de La Palma, Tel. +34 922 417308


  • Clínica Dental Gava – Avenida Los Indianos, 14, S/C de La Palma, Tel: +34 922 415714
  • Clínica Dental Belkys – Avenida El Puente, 23, S/C de La Palma. Tel: +34 922 413503


There are numerous pharmacies in Santa Cruz de La Palma. Please refer to the official website for opening times


La Palma has a marvellous landscape with some marvellous walks and visits. The rich local culture has some emblematic events, particularly the famous Carnival celebrations (Los Indianos), the Fiesta de las Cruces and the Fiestas Lustrales, it is well-worth finding out more.

Visit or ask in the Tourist Office for details.

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