Visiting berthing rates in Marina Lanzarote for both monohulls and multihulls are based on a daily rate of 0,38€ per m2. This area is calculated by multiplying the yacht’s length overall by her beam.

:     m²

Price per day:

To calculate this, please use the simple system below inserting Length overall and Beam (in metres).





We offer a series of discounts with prepayment for longer stays. This simply means paying for your stay upon arrival. A discounted tariff can be extended at the same rate one time in the event that you wish to prolong the stay. These are available as follows:

Occupancy over 15 days:  10%
Occupancy over 30 days (or one month): 20%
Occupancy over 90 days (or three months):  30%


Special berthing rates are available for yachts wishing to make Marina Lanzarote a home port by staying 6 months or longer. For details on this, please contact: marina@marinalanzarote.com


In Marina Lanzarote, wifi is a service included in the berthing fees. For a wifi internet access code, please request this in the marina office.

Electricity and water are charged as follows:

Three-phase electricity connection: 25 €
Electricity use: 0.29€/Kw
Water (minimum of 6€ fee per connection): 4.50€ / m³

Spanish maritime and navigation rates affecting cruisers in the Canaries

Tasa de ayuda a la navegación (Navigational assistance rates or the “lighthouse tax”)

Very briefly, the majority of costs incurred by the Spanish Maritime Safety and Rescue Agency (Sociedad de Salvamento y Seguridad Marítima (SASEMAR)) were being found to be covered by the General State Budget rather than maritime entities – i.e. those enjoying the very services provided. Redressing the balance then, those sailing in Spanish waters are then requested to make a contribution to these services.

There is a little inconsistency in where the law is applied, but all ports and marinas under the control of the Port Authorities (essentially those in basins shared by commercial ports: Santa Cruz de Tenerife, Las Palmas, Arrecife, San Sebastian (La Gomera), Santa Cruz de La Palma, etc) are strictly obliged to charge these additional rates. Non port authority-run marinas are still a grey area.

Visiting yachts

It is not all bad news however; Calero Marinas has worked hard to help with a sector-driven lobby to prevent transient visitors from suffering what is universally considered to be an unfair application of the Navigational Assistance rates where in previous years, an entire year’s worth of rates could be charged for what amounted to only a few days’ visit. As a consequence, visiting yachts from aboard (without a home port in Spain) are now charged a daily rate. Importantly, sailing boats of 12m LOA or less are exempt.

Visitor rates:

Motor <9m                                                  0.0625 € /m²/day
Sail > 12m / Motor ≥ 9m                       0.0250 € /m²/day

Home port

If a yacht is based in a local Spanish port, things are a little different and the yacht will be expected to demonstrate payment of the full year’s rates.

Motor <9m                                                  22.8 € /m²/unlimited
Sail > 12m / Motor ≥ 9m                       9.12 € /m²/per annum

Tasa de Embarcaciones deportivas y de recreo (Recreational vessel rates – T-5)

This is also charged by day (i.e. a single night’s berthing corresponds to two days’-worth of rates) and calculated according to a yacht’s m² – or LOA x Beam (m).

Sailing boats <12m LOA and motor boats<9m are favoured, paying a lesser rate.

After 6 months, “home port” status is achieved, affording a lower daily rate.

Current rates are as follows:


Sail ≥12m / Motor ≥ 9m                                       0.0484 € /m²/day
Sail < 12m / Motor < 9m                                      0.0186 € /m²/day

Home port (after 6 months’ occupancy)     

Sail ≥12m / Motor ≥ 9m                                      0.0397 € /m²/day
Sail < 12m / Motor < 9m                                     0.0124 € /m²/day



  • Tariffs applied based on minimum dimensions of 6m LOA x 2.5m beam. 
  • LOA (length over all) includes bowsprits, diving platforms, etc. 
  • IGIC, or Canarian VAT is applicable to all services and recreational vessel rates (but NOT to navigational assistance rates), at 7%
  • In Marina Lanzarote, a 20% discount is applied to the Tasa de Ayuda a la Navegación (T-0) and 25% discount to the Tasa de Embarcaciones de Recreo (T-5)



If you would like some further clarification, or are simply after one final figure, YOU ARE NOT ALONE! Please contact us by sending an email or by phone.

Information on boatyard rates can be found in the Shipyard – Hoisting and Hard Standing section of this website.