Environmental Information - Marina Lanzarote




You are entering a marina within a Biosphere Reserve. Please help us preserve the delicate balance of this unique environment.

The coasts and surrounding waters are teeming with life. They contribute an incalculable value to our welfare and are the basis of a substantial fishing and tourist economy. 

At first sight the sea seems enormous, capable of coping with human activity but this is not the case. Our waters and those of the rest of the planet are very much under pressure and heavily polluted.

- Separate and retain all types of rubbish waste and deposit them in the appropriate recycling container.
- It is prohibited to throw toxic or hazardous products, such as oil, fuel-stuffs or batteries into the sea. Make proper use of the marina recycling facilities provided.
- Observe the port regulations regarding boat repairs, unnecessary engine use and responsible behaviour within the marina and its facilities (boatyard, fuel dock etc.).
- Please don’t waste water. There is scant rainfall in Lanzarote and drinking water is currently still produced via costly and environment-damaging desalination processes.
- Avoid using electricity unnecessarily: Producing energy has serious impacts on the natural environment
- Clean bilges in a responsible manner; do not discard any type of waste into the sea; nets, hooks, fishing lines, lead weights, plastic, or any item which could become tangled in your own propellers or worse pointlessly – kill thousands of animals which become entangled or ingest them.
- The daily act of anchoring a boat presents a grave danger to the seabed. Help promote the use of established moorings or buoys in commonly used areas.
- If you enjoy fishing, return to the sea all immature fish which do not reach the minimum size and also those animals still alive with no commercial value, especially protected species such as turtles and dolphins.
- Only use permitted methods of fishing and respect all protected areas and marine reserves (see plan posted in the marina).

Our future and that of future generations depends on proper conservation and awareness of the sea and its coastlines.

Calero Marinas thank WWF/Adena Canarias for their kind help in extending this advice.