Cash machines & banks

The nearest cash machine is in the marina. There are banks immediately in the town although these tend to limit their service to weekday mornings.

Stamping Passports

For visitors needing their passports stamped either arriving from a non-Schengen destination or heading towards a destination outside Europe, this can be done in the National Police Station in the town. If departing from the marina towards a non-Schengen destination, please complete this Police Departure Form and hand it to the marina staff prior to departure.

Post Office

The nearest post office can be found in a large and elegant building across the road from the marina’s town entry.  Visit the official post office website for information on tariffs for sending parcels. www.correos.es

Customs Agent

If requiring a customs agent for importing or exporting goods, the nearest agency is Feligar in Plaza Constitution, 6, tel: 922 412389.


The nearest clinic is about 12m walk along the Avenida Maritima.

Clínica Veterinaria Santa Cruz de La Palma

Av Marítima, 6

38700 Santa Cruz de la Palma

922 42 02 78


There is an entire plethora of these in the town. See the plan below for the various locations.

Local Services