Emergency services: Tel. 112

La Palma General Hospital

La Palma General Hospital –  Tel. 922 185999

(adjunta plano del hospital )

Health Centre

Health Centre – S/C de La Palma: Tel. 922 420318


Centro de Fisioterapia

C/ A. Rodríguez López nº 50  S/C de La Palma – Tel: 922 41 65 69

Opening times:  Monday to Friday from 8am to 8pm.


Multiopticas Óptica Feliciano

C/Anselmo Perez de Brito, 7 – Tel: 922 412413

For a complete list of opticians:


Dr. Aroldo Felipe Govantes
C/ DIAZ PIMIENTA 10 2 A, S/C de la Palma – Tel: 922414005

Clinica Dental Cabrera Perez-Camacho La Palma

C/Avda Puente 39-A-2 S/C de La Palma – Tel: 922 411 323

Clinica Dental El Cordial

Avda. El Puente, 29, 1º Piso (local 18), – Tel: 922 106105


Please refer to the map of the town to see where these are located. Outside opening hours, there is always a service on duty indicated via the website:

For further information and assistance regarding health and medical services on the island of La Palma, please ask in the marina office.