Emergency Information

Emergency Rescue Services: 112

The public telephone in Marina La Palma can be found opposite the chandlery Náutica el Chopo.

MARINA  – VHF ch. 09  Tel: 922 410289  (08:00 – 03:00)

More emergency services:

- Ambulance: 061
- Fire service: 080
- La Palma General Hospital: 922 185999
- Port Authority: 922 412121
- Port Police: 677 530755
- Salvamento marítimo (Sea Rescue Service): 922 202202 / 922597551
- Local Police – Santa Cruz de La Palma: 922 411150
- Guardia Civil – (Santa Cruz de La Palma): 922 411184
- National Police (Santa Cruz de La Palma): 922 414043

Emergency information

Town plan of S/C de La Palma

For your safety

Please ensure that you identify the location of the fire extinguishers, life rings and escape ladders nearest your boat. (See map below).

In the event of calling 112 to request assistance in an emergency, please alert the marina staff in order to help facilitate emergency vehicle access.

Emergency information

Marina La Palma

Oil spills

In the event that fuel or oil is spilled accidently in the marina, please call VHF 09/16 for immediate assistance.

Medical emergencies

The nearest hospital is La Palma’s General Hospital, a 10km and approximately 17-min drive away.

Hospital General Marina La Palma

Route to the La Palma General Hospital



For further advice and emergency information, such as details of more services available on the island of La Palma, please contact the Marina Office.