Why the Canaries?

There are many reasons why the Canaries have become such a popular destination for international visitors.

The perfect climate

The Canaries are thought to have the perfect climate; benign and temperate during 365 days a year, with minimal rainfall and long hours of warm sunshine, there are few excuses to not go out sailing and boat owners are able to make the most of their yachts. While other areas on the planet are experiencing extreme weather highs and lows, the temperature in the archipelago tends to hover lazily around a pleasant 20ºC, explaining why the Canaries are known as ‘The Islands of Eternal Spring’.

Although they’re present all year round, the island breezes blow more consistently during the middle of summer (June-August). These winds help to keep the temperatures more moderate than you’d expect for an island on the same latitude as Florida, the Sahara or the Bahamas.

The second climatic influence which helps cool the temperatures is known as the Canary Current. This current is caused by the trade winds and helps to moderate the heat by bringing cool seawater temperatures from the north of the Atlantic, past the islands and down the west coast of Africa. This cool water mixes with the naturally warm waters which lie just north of the Canary Islands, creating a pleasant sea temperature which most find ideal for swimming year-round.

Easy access

The archipelago is very well connected, boasting eight airports, two of the main ports of Spain, and an extensive network of well maintained motorways and other roads.

The proliferation of low cost, direct flights from most major European city hubs, the relatively short flying time (3-4 hours) and the convenience of being in the same or similar time zone (Western European Time (WET) (or GMT), really helps to facilitate travelling.

Safety and convenience

Visiting yachtsmen have always appreciated the safety and convenience of the Canaries.  Clients of Calero Marinas are happy to leave their boats here, secure in the knowledge that they will be safe.

There is also a wide range of facilities and services on offer to make life easier for boat owners. The majority of their needs can be found on the islands or local suppliers are well versed in importing items from Europe.

Warm hospitality

Exceptionally friendly and welcoming of other nationalities, years of many Canarians understand some English so it is normally relatively easy to make yourself understood, even if you don’t speak Spanish.

Their laid-back but professional attitude and sunny, straightforward outlook is infectious and it is difficult not to feel more relaxed just being here.